9 June 2019 – Club Luier ABDL party – the Summer Edition

Club Luier ABDL Party

On Sunday 9 June we’re having another great Club Luier ABDL party in Amsterdam. The Summer Edition!!

About Club Luier

Club Luier is an event for AB, DL, ABDL and those who are interested. We get together in February, April, October and December. I am one of the volunteers at Club Luier, and I get to be the hostess. Yay!

Club Luier takes place in a private venue called the Akhnaton, which is about 6 minutes walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station and Dam Square.
About 50-80 lovely people come to each event. Boys and girls and everything in between, young and old and everything in between, AB and DL and everything in between.
We have a long table for everyone to join in on card games, have a beer or a lemonade, or make colourings. We have a play corner for the littles and you can totally bring a bottle and your stuffy.
We don’t have a dress code, some people wear a T-shirt and diaper, some people wear a romper, dungarees or just street clothes. With or without diaper. You’re all welcome 🙂

Cuddle Clothes shop

Cuddle Clothes will be selling their clothes and they have some super cute T-shirt designs! Have a look: cuddleclothes.nl

Tickets and a free diaper

If you get your ticket on the Club Luier website, you’ll get a free diaper when you arrive.


Follow our event on Fetlife

You don’t have to subscribe but it’s fun to see who’s going.


Pancake Pre-meet

And there’s also a Pancake Pre-meet so you get to meet up with me and other party goers before the event. Once the announcement is made you’ll find it on Fetlife:


See you there!!

Xx Emma