I have my own little nursery in Amsterdam.
I offer my nursery as a safe place for the ABDL community and fund that with donations and paid private play sessions. So….

Would you like to be my brother for an afternoon?

What I have to offer is sweet, nice and real. I am a genuine Adult Baby Diaper Lover and I love to be babied, diapered and cared for.

Costs and cause

For an afternoon from 14:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs (4 hours) I will be in your care and I will be there for you. The costs are 450 euros. A hundred per cent of that goes to funding the Nursery, which I run as a charity for the local ABDL community (for more information on that look here: Nursery parties). I have only one or two babysitting afternoons per month so booking in advance improves availability 🙂

Dress each other up

I have lots of cute baby outfits that you can choose for me to wear. From my tippy toes to my pig tails, I have lots of clothes and accessories. I love ruffled dresses, anything pink, frilly socks, soft PJ’s and onesies with snaps. Shall we do my hair in two pig tails with ribbons?
What would you like to wear? I have a few rompers and cute clothes for you, we can get dressed up together 🙂

Diaper changing

Is it time for a diaper change? I have the cutest diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, cream… anything to keep babies dry and happy. For at least twenty minutes 😉 I adore being diapered, it makes me relaxed and dreamy. Do you perhaps need any help with your diaper? Let’s see if I can help.

Do fun stuff together

I love to play board games and I have cute toys to play with. I have colouring books and pretty crayons. Let’s make drawings together! Maybe we can do some diaper decorating (with stickers, yaay!) or dance to children’s tunes. We can have a tea party with little cakes, and invite our teddy bears. Or we  cuddle up and watch a Disney movie.

Bath time

Picture by Petra van Velzen

Would you like to bathe your little sister? In my nursery I have a bathtub big enough for one. I love foamy bubble baths and I love to play with my bath tub toys. And then it’s time for a back scrub and to be wrapped up in a super big soft towel by my big brother or sister. Cosy!

I do not expect

I don’t expect you to be super experienced with baby girls or with being little. It’s okay if you are not. I can make little suggestions about what we can do next. Also, you do not have to be my big brother or sister the whole time. We can take time-outs to relax, talk, have a tea together, before we get back into little mode 😉

Please do not expect

Please do not expect any sexual favours. This is not a sex service and even though there will be help with nappy changing, no one will be running around naked and there is no touching in a sexual way. 😀

When would you like to come over?

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