How to join the Nursery parties

nlvlagHi there 🙂

So you’re reading this thinking ‘how do people get to join a meeting or party at the Nursery?’. The answer is simple: you can only get in by invitation.

The rules about who can come are pretty strict, it’s not open to just anyone. I make sure it’s a safe place where you can be your little self.

Where can I register?

There are two ways to get invited.

  1. When you are on the Trusted List you will receive info, updates and invites.
  2. When you are not on the Trusted List yet you can come along with someone who is on the list as their Guest.

How do I make it to the List?

To insure that only sweet awesome fantastic people come to the party, I hand pick those who make it to the List. You don’t have to be super good friends with me, if you’ve been invited as a guest to a Nursery party and you behaved yourself, you’re in 🙂
Please don’t ask me if you can be on the list, I will not say yes. The easiest way to make it to the List, is to be invited as a Guest first.

How do I get invited as a Guest?

Someone you know who is already on the List, invites you as a Guest and takes you to a Nursery party. That’s it.
Please note that people who are on the List can only invite one Guest per meeting, plus they’re responsible for you, so don’t be angry when they tell you no.

How do I get removed from the List?

That’s easy! 😉
There are three ways to lose your place on the List.

  1. When you misbehave and you make me or anybody else uncomfortable with your behaviour etc.
  2. When your guest misbehaves. So you’d better think twice about who you bring to the Nursery 😉
  3. If my invitations end up in your spam folder.

I’m on the List and I want to come. What do I do?

Everyone on the List receives invitations by email. In the email you’ll find what kind of party or meeting I am organising, plus the date and time. You will also find a link to the registration.

I’m on the list and I want to invite a Guest. How does that work?

  • You can bring someone along when you’ve visited a Nursery party before (so not when it’s only your first Nursery party)
  • Per Nursery party you can bring one person.
  • Only bring someone you really like, because you are responsible for them.
  • You can just give me their name.
  • Arrive together at the Nursery party.
  • If your Guest is a nice person, I’ll add them on the List.

I’m on the list. Does that mean I can always come?

I wish! However only a limited amount of people can come because the Nursery is not a super big place, and I like to keep things cozy. So you need to decide quickly because sometimes all places are taken within 3 days 😉

Can I see who is on the List?

No. That’s private information.