For everyone visiting the Nursery.


Be nice to each other. Being sweet is even better.


DONATIONS are very welcome. Good old money is superwelcome, I can really use it to pay the rent each month, and to buy awesome furniture and lemonade. A donation to the Nursery is a donation to all the people who come here to just be themselves.
ABDL items are also very welcome: clothes, toys, games… Please be aware that big littles need big stuff – not all little stuff is suitable. Ask before you donate, because in a small Nursery like this I just can’t store anything. Donations mean cuddles! ❤


No screaming, yelling, running or throwing stuff. No bullying or fighting. I don’t like it 😊


If you want to borrow cute clothes to wear, you can, if we have some that fit you. You can chuck them in the hamper when you’re leaving.
You can wear what you want, to me it’s very important that everyone feels comfortable and safe. That also means that, if you wear stuff that could cause people to feel intimidated (erotic, bondage, mask, etc) that I will ask you to make adjustments.
O yeah. Shoes off. Sit comfortably on the floor 😊


If you want to wear a diaper and you don’t have your own, there are diapers available. No promises regarding size, model, etc. The available diapers are my personal stash plus donations from lovely people, and there probably will be diapers enough to will warm your little heart.


Pooping is to be done on the toilet. Not in your diaper. Actually, I’d prefer you to do it on your own toilet in your own home 😉 But if you must, make sure to use air refreshner because it’s such a small space.


If you can’t have diapers, pacifier, bottle, etc in your own home for any reason, ask Emma for your own Nursery box. It’ll be just a small box, it won’t have a lock, but it has your name on it and that means you can own your own ABDL stuff and it’ll be here next time you visit.


Be honest. If you need something, want something, break something, have an accident, if you feel uncomfortable about anything… you can be open about it. Bonus points for being honest.


Used wipes and diapers. I’ll make a special bag per meeting for wipes and diapers. If one of you would throw it in the street container downstairs when you leave, that would be much appreciated.
Please don’t flush baby wipes down the toilet. Noooo.


Last and not least: whatever Emma says is a new rule, is a new rule. On the spot.