Amsterdam Age Play Rave
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De Amsterdam Age Play Rave is an unforgettable event for age players who like to dance between balloons. We have glowsticks, balloons, kids’ rave music, blacklight to light up your best outfit, bubble blowers and lots of candy! We have a real dancefloor, and a bar.


Anything that looks cool in blacklight. Festive, funky, dolly, puppy, lolita, teensy, schoolboy, rascally, (age) player. Your best dance outfit! Diapers are cool and rompers are too 😀


Nassaukade 120

The location is an erotic cafe that is hired exclusively for our dance party. There will be no sex stuff during our party. A diaper changing corner is available.


Your ticket is 10 euros and there’s a minimum of three drinks per person.
You can buy tickets online or at the door. Drinks are sold at the bar for friendly prices.
This event is CASH ONLY so bring enough cash.


We don’t know when yet! For sure during the weekend, probably from 2pm – 7 pm.


Tickets are sold online once we have a new date. You can also buy your ticket and at the door and pay in cash. Rave on!

Xx Emma & friends

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