Amsterdam Age Play Rave
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🎃 the Halloween edition 🦇
Sunday 29 October 2023

The Amsterdam Age Play Rave is an unforgettable event for age players who like to dance amidst a hundred balloons. We have glowsticks, balloons, kid’s rave music, blacklight to make your best disco outfit glow, bubble blowers and candy! There is a real dance floor, and a bar, and the phenomenal MC Discodip shows us how to do the most popular kid’s dances together.
And if you are not in the mood for dancing, you can relax at the bar and meet nice people.


This is the Halloween edition 🎃 So if you have Halloween style clothing, a spider plushy or a bat to wear in your hair, bring them with you! And of course…
Anything that looks cool in blacklight. Festive, funky, dolly, puppy, lolita, teen, schoolboy, age player, or put on your best dino shirt. Simply your best dance outfit! Diapers are totally fine and rompers are always fun.


Sunday 29 October 2023 14:00 – 19:00.
Door closes at 16:00.


Nassaukade 120


SamePlace is a fetish friendly cafe that we hire especially for our dance party. No sex stuff happens at our party. There is a changing room and a nappy changing corner.

There is a guarded cloakroom for your coat. Phones and cameras are not allowed inside. There are lockers, for which a deposit of € 10 in cash applies, which you will get back when you return your locker key. You pay for your drinks at the end of the party, so you can stow your phone and wallet in your locker for carefree dancing. Everything in SamePlace is cash, there is no pin / card payment. So bring CASH money with you, enough for your drinks and the locker deposit. Here you see the price list so you know what to expect.


Your ticket costs 15 euros and there is a minimum of two drinks per person. Here you see the price list so you’ll know what to expect approximately. You can buy tickets online or at the door.
The party is CASH ONLY so bring enough cash.

buy diapers and age play apparel

Cuddle Kingdom is a Dutch store with ABDL diapers and ABDL clothing. You’ll find Cuddle Kingdom with a booth at the Age Play Rave and you’ll also find them online:


Tickets cost €15 and you can buy your tickets online through Billetto. You can also buy your ticket at the door with cash for € 20.00 . Rave on!


Got any questions? We’re happy to hear from you on

Xx Emma & friends