As you know I am looking for a company that can take Emma’s Diapers from this point and make it grow.


It is my mission to make ABDL and diaper fetish a more common, more known fetish. To have ABDL products on display in proper fetish stores, is an important step in that direction. Not only are we more visible for other kinksters, the shop also presents ABDL as an acknowledged fetish that belongs in their product range. This is why I created a glossy, small, approachable product – perfect to put on display and to sell over the counter.

Spin-off: a big target group

I never saw that one coming – there is a lot of demand for this product. There is a large target group that had not been catered to until now: people who will never order a whole pack online.

  • People who cannot order online because of their home situation
  • Tourists and business people who are staying in a hotel
  • Consumers who like to try nappies, but to order a whole pack is too hardcore for them

Short analysis


  • B2B product
  • Unique product worldwide
  • Large target group
  • Target group is loyal and not picky about prints
  • Easy to produce
  • 9 shops as client
  • Emma is a strong brand
  • Emma as a promoter check my Insta


  • I am only one person
    • Continuity can be at risk
    • Logistics are relatively expensive for me
    • I cannot expand right now because I have a full-time job
    • And because my basement doubles as my warehouse


  • Mister B Wholesale is interested in having Emma’s Diapers in their range of fetish products and offer a 500 p/y MOQ
  • The shops who sell Emma’s Diapers are interested in selling additional ABDL products
  • All the fetish and sex shops in the world need this product
  • It’s possible to change the brand of nappies into ABU to lower production costs (currently: MyDiaper)
  • This product reaches a new target group


  • Any other person could create the same product (if they would have the same drive, fetish network, professionalism and online popularity as Emma)
  • Okay I don’t really think there are threats lol

What I offer

  • For you to fully take over my business, to continue and expand this product.
  • My network: I have a good reputation in the kink, leather and fetish scene. Did you know I am title holder in the leather and fetish scene?
  • I’d love to be a promoter for this product.
  • I can come and show you how to turn a ten-pack of nappies into sexy two-packs, how to make them look perfect.
  • My inventory which includes nappies (not too many because I just had 4 big orders), size stickers and glossy bags.

What I am asking

  • Please fulfil my mission 🙏 and bring nappies to brick & mortar fetish shops. We need the emancipation that BDSM has fought for: to be a well known & OK fetish. The fact that these nappies are available in 9 stores is a break-through: think back to when the first sex shops started selling handcuffs & whips.
  • Please can I have my name attached to the product still? It’s pure vanity, however my brand ‘Emma’ is a strong one.
  • I don’t ask for compensation in payment or in kind (apart from taking over my existing stock and supplies), but I am open to the idea.


Thanks for reading! You can reach me via , phone / text / whatsapp +31626552989 or come over and have a cup of tea in my Nursery 🙂

Xx Emma